Impacts of COVID-19 On St. Patrick’s Cemetery

St. Patrick Cemetery will open May 1st and will continue to provide burial services in plots in accordance with its obligations, while closely following the safety and preventative protocols offered by the public health officials. The Cemetery has taken a series of proactive measures including implementing enhanced cleaning procedures to maintain a safe environment for our visitors.

In order to comply with the recommendations from the Government of Quebec to limit the spread of COVID-19, please take note of the measures that will be applied:

  •  A maximum of 2 family members are allowed to enter the office simultaneously for the signatures (with the addition of the funeral director);
  • Only members of the immediate family of the deceased are allowed to attend burials on the grounds for a maximum of 10 people;
  • Families are encouraged to observe a safe distance of two (2) meters between each person;
  • Our employees take care to keep at least two (2) meters distance between each person;
  • Our employees no longer shake hands until further notice, but introduce themselves verbally;
  • The chairs have been spaced in the office to allow maximum distance between people;
  • We encourage payments made by card rather than cash in order to reduce the chances of contamination.
  • In addition, the payment terminals are disinfected after each use.