Here are a few examples of services and ministries that we need in our Parish:

Weekend Reader: Reads the First and Second Reading, the intercessions and the opening statement at Mass.

Mass Server: Serves Mass. We are especially looking for altar boys on the Weekend. Volunteers will be taught how to serve Mass.

Mass Reader: Reads the First Reading, the Psalm and Second reading at Mass.

Sacristan: Prepares everything for Mass. You would need to be at Church 30 to 45 min before Mass. A complete list of the tasks will be given to those interested.

Assistant Catechist: The role of a Catholic catechist is to teach the Faith of the Catholic Church by both word and example. The Assistant Catechist would help the Pastoral Assistant to explain the Faith to the sacramental preparation group.

Children’s Liturgy helper: Helps with the Children’s Liturgy program during the Sunday Mass. Helps to take care of the children and support the animation.

Usher and Host: Welcome the parishioners and the visitors to St Patrick’s Church and offer them the Parish Bulletin. For the weekend Masses only.

Volunteer for the Collection: Passes the collection during the Offertory.

Outreach Program Volunteer: Visits the sick, the lonely and shut-ins in our community. If you know of a family member, a friend or an individual who would appreciate a brief visit from a team of two parishioners, or who wishes to receive Holy Communion, please notify the Office. Indicate the person’s name, where they are and their phone number.

This information will be forwarded to the Outreach committee and they will inform two volunteers who will then contact the person to schedule a visit.

If you like to be an Outreach volunteer, please fill in the short form that can be found in the Foyer of the Church. This is an opportunity to serve the Lord by helping members of our Community.