Who owns the Church? The Parishioners? The Volunteers? The Clergy? The Bishop? None of the above. We must remember that only God owns the Church and its fruits. Nothing we do for God is our own. We must not boast lest God take what we have “away from [us] and [give it] to a people” that produces the fruits of the kingdom. The Lord gives freely and we should be grateful. We should simply see the beauty of life and give thanks to God. How many times have I blessed the Lord for His gifts? Have I wrongly taken gifts that weren’t intended for me? We should also consider whether we are listening to God’s servants, the prophets, or whether we are killing them like the farmers in the parable. Real prophets speak the truth — not what we want to hear — and that’s why we fear and reject them. They are always calling us back to God. We don’t own the Church; we should be humble and listen to them, seeking always to make God’s will our own.